Alhamdullilah By Noshin Bokth

I marvel at this universe and the beauty which can be found in everything. This universe as temporary as it as, as heartbreaking and unsettling as it can get, among the blood and tears, there’s delicacy and beauty. Perfection and absolute, everlasting happiness is not meant for this life, its beyond the scope of mere human capability. This might sound discouraging, whats the point you might wonder. What is the point, when no matter what, we will face hardships, we will lose loved ones, our eyes will remain moist from grief? The point is to endure, to strive, to have firm faith in the limitless mercy of Allah swt and his all encompassing love, to believe that beyond all this IS perfection, is total contentment, Jannah, the ultimate goal, that despite all the hardships, there is ease, and blessings.

We often go through our lives, in a chaotic rush, doing this and that. School, children, jobs, surviving,these things keep us busy and life can be tough. We turn on the news, and you think, “My God, is this hell?” So much death, blood, hate, anger. 3 hours of sleep and theres goes the alarm, time to take that awful exam, you come home to find a moments rest, peace, instead, sometimes we find an argument with our parents, and again you wake up, time for work. We are so busy simply trying to survive, trying to get through the day, that we overlook, the exquisiteness in simplicity, we forget the microscopic details, that make it possible for us to do everything we do. Amidst all this, its essential to take a moment to sit down, to pause and simply reflect…

A beauty of this dunya is that no two people are alike, no two people are experiencing the same situation. Every single, living, breathing human being is at variance. No matter our troubles and grievances, Allah swt, with his immeasurable mercy, has blessed us one way or another. I woke up this morning, and that is a blessing. The ability to bathe myself, brush my teeth, feed my self and walk by myself are immense blessings in it self. There are people who are unable to even do these things themselves. I have enough sustenance to keep from hunger and keep healthy, I have a comfortable bed and a stable house, while our on Prophet PBUH slept on a mat. The fact that I am able to type this and articulate my thoughts is a blessing.

As we are hastening to school, we are indifferent to the wonders of this earth. Its unfortunate, in this dunya there are limitless signs, if only we stopped to contemplate. I am awestruck at the vastness of this earth. When you”re outside on a walk notice the birds, and the tiny creatures you might encounter. How incredible is it, how many different kinds of animals and insects and species are there? HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS!! Look at the trees and consider all the kinds of trees and plants there are, all their uses and benefits, and cures. Look at the tremendousness of the sky and the clouds, the sun, the moon, the stars, the galaxies. Look at all the unique individuals you come across. Are these not blessings? Are these not signs? The mere fact we are allowed to hear and see all of this is a blessings.

You will have fights with your parents, spouses, siblings, relatives, you will have stress and worries, but all this can be dealt with, with peace and grace, if we can look past it and appreciate what we do have instead of weeping over what we don’t have. We must come to terms with the actuality of this life, that this life isn’t the end, there is something bigger than all this.


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